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Ballot Boxes : Making Your Vote Count


The mandate to rule, to govern, to administrate, still in many parts of the world, goes through Ballot Boxes, and that sums up the importance of these square shaped, permanently sealed containers. The material used to make Ballot Boxes is tamper proof. There is a narrow slit on the top of Ballot Box that is used for inserting paper chits. These paper chits are the votes that represent the choice of voters when they are choosing their leaders or favouring something. Casting vote by inserting paper chits in the Ballot Boxes is one of the oldest ways of election and is still used in many countries.

At many places, the Ballot Boxes used in the election process are made from transparent medium so as to ensure and indicate emptiness of the box before use. Ballot Boxes are kept at polling station where votes are collected through secret-ballot voting process. After this the Ballot Boxes are collected and sent for counting the number of votes that were cast for each individual who has appeared as a candidate in the election.

Ballot Boxes are nowadays becoming obsolete courtesy Electronic Voting Machines. Electronic Voting Machines are highly advanced and are popular for the convenience and transparency that they bring to the election process. Electronic Voting Machines have made elections more transparent because they have an in-built security system that is very difficult to hack. These machines have made elections hassle-free as the vote-counting and tallying task is carried out automatically. This saves a lot of time, effort and money.

Krilax Limited specialises in rendering Project Management Consultancy. The offerings of the company also include Election Materials such as Stationery Kits, Election Ink, Ballot Boxes, Electronic Voting Machines, Laboratory Equipment Suppliers Uk, Biometric Voter Registration System and Biometric Voter Identification System. Besides, the company provides a comprehensive range of Infrastructural and Industrial Supplies. For more details about the company and its offerings, you can log on to

Commercial Turnkey Projects Services


The term turnkey is used to describe products and services that are ready to be used immediately. The whole gamut of Commercial Turnkey Projects Services can broadly be classified into two categories namely, the design services and the build services. The design services are further classified into Architectural Design Services, Structural Design Services, Interior Design Services and Engineering Services. Project Management Consultancies are nowadays providing Commercial Turnkey Projects Services that involve implementing a conceived idea and completing the project for the end user. The Commercial Turnkey Projects are implemented through following steps:

Approval Of Designs
Preparing the designs and drawings of the project is the first stage of implementing a Commercial Turnkey Project. This is the stage in which the conceived idea is converted into a basic structure on which the whole project is based.

Site Supervision
In this stage the site wherein the Commercial Turnkey Project will be laid is selected and work is started on it under the supervision of Project Management Consultants.

Inspection is carried out at each stage of project development to ensure proper progression of the project.

Monitoring Project
The Commercial Turnkey Projects are constantly monitored to ensure that all the problems that result in halting the project are sorted out.

In designing and development of Commercial Turnkey Projects, there are a number of aspects that need be emphasised on. Efficient space usage, cost‐effectiveness, aesthetics, safety requirements, compliance with local regulatory norms, etc. are a few of them. It is the responsibility of the Project Management Consultant to ensure that all these aspects are taken care of in sync with the client’s requirements and specifications.

Krilax Limited is offering Commercial Turnkey Project Solutions and Project Management Solutions across several industries. Krilax Limited offers a comprehensive range of products and services including Infrastructural Supplies, Industrial Services, Public Order & Civil Defence Item, Election Material and Water Treatment Plant Uk . The highly experienced team of Krilax Limited closely refers to all the specifications provided by the clients to meet their requirements and expectations. For more information about Krilax Limited and the services provided by the company, you can log on to www.krilax.com.

Roles Of An Industrial Project Management Consultant


Project Management Consultants help in designing, managing and implementing projects of varying nature and magnitude. An efficient Project Management Consultant can fill a new life in a project by coordinating all the professionals involved and can increase their productivity level. The role of a Project Management Consultant is crucial, and it requires years of experience and expertise to be good at managing projects.

Roles Of Industrial Project Management Consultant

  • Analysing Gaps

A Project Management Consultant should analyse the gap between an existing process and completion of project. These gaps should be filled with efficient managing skills in order to complete the project within stipulated timeframe.

  • Developing Technical Strategies

A Project Management Consultant develops technical strategy in alignment with the business strategies of the company for better results.

  • Prototyping

Prototyping in Project Management is engaging the company in exploring ways by which its project can be successfully undertaken. This process lays the foundation of technical specifications.

  • Starting The Project

Once the projects start, they are under the constant supervision of Project Management Consultants. It is the duty of Project Management Consultant to manage all the problems that come in the way of project completion.

  • Recovering Projects

A Project Management Consultant may get unsuccessful or halted projects for management. In this case he should tap all the information about the project and recover it from incomplete state.

  • Auditing

Auditing is the process of finding potential errors and problems that may halt the progression of the project. Areas of improvement are identified in this process in order to find immediate solutions that can save time and money.

  • Documentation

Documentation is done by Project Management Consultants who ensure that information related to project and the workforce involved in it is compiled and stored in his system.


Krilax Limited has an efficient team of Project Management Consultants who work hard to deliver best Project Management Solutions. Krilax Limited offers products like Industrial Supplies, Ballot Boxes, Infrastructural Supplies, Election Materials and Public Order & Civil Defence Items and Water Treatment Plant Uk. Krilax Limited has successfully delivered on big projects like Building & Housing and Industrial Projects. The company is well known for its services and products that are of international standards. For more information about Krilax Limited, please log on to its website www.krilax.com.

Importance Of Construction Project Management


Construction Project Management is a discipline in which construction projects are designed and managed by a team which is mostly hired from a Construction Management Consultancy. Since Construction Projects are a bit complex, henceforth they require an efficient management team that can control the whole process of management. Construction Project Management is a very challenging task and requires experienced professionals to handle it.

Role Of Construction Project Management
Construction Project Management is a practise in construction industry and is resorted to by many companies for managing their projects. Construction Project Management can be defined as overall planning, execution, co-ordination and control over a project. It involves a set of procedures through which a construction project is managed from its inception to its completion. All the clients’ requirements are met by Construction Project Managers through proper analysis of their projects. The basic role of Management of Construction Projects is taking into consideration all the requirements of a project and fulfilling them via efficient management of budget and workforce.

Importance Of Construction Project Management
The main purpose of Construction Project Management is to manage projects through systematic application of project oriented management principles. Principles and techniques of handling a Construction Project are tailored according to the industry specific requirements and serve as the best guide in giving shape to small and big projects. The purpose of Construction Project Management is to coordinate the actions of different professionals involved in a Construction Project.

Krilax Limited is a reputed company Project Management Consultancy Uk providing Project Management Solutions in several industries. Krilax Limited has years of experience and expertise in managing and handling projects of reputed companies. The company has amassed a huge wealth of knowledge in Project Management with the help of its associates, affiliates and partners. The experienced team of Krilax Limited communicates closely with its clients in order to know all their requirements for realising their expectations and also offer Pre Fab Building Installation Services.

What Is Project Management


If you want to know – What Project Management Is – then you must understand the nature of a project. The fundamental nature of Project is that it is temporary in nature and it is undertaken only with a special purpose. Once that objective is realised, the project is completed. The projects undertaken are also unique in nature which means one project is different from another project.

In order to manage a project, one needs to do an efficient planning to ensure that the goal is achieved and it gets completed on time. There are certain requirements that need to go well to make the particular project successful. Project Management ensures a smooth and timely progression from the input to the output. This progression can also be said the nucleus of the Project Management.

Project Management involves handling a group of processes that are interrelated to each other. These processes are implemented in an elaborate and progressive manner to achieve the targets. Progressive elaboration involves focusing on the specifics of the project.

Project Management – Steps Involved

  • Initiating - This initial step defines the entire project.
  • Planning – This step involves the planning required to undertake a project. Planning refines the objectives and makes it easier to formulate a feasible plan of action.
  • Executing - It involves the integration of people and resources to carry out the project.
  • Monitoring and controlling – It measures and monitors the progress and ensure that everything gets finished on time. If this is not so, then corrective measures need to be taken.
  • Closing- This step involves the completion of all the project goals and bringing the project to an orderly end.

Looking for a Project Management Company that fits into the aforementioned criteria, then Krilax Limited is the name for you. Krilax Limited is a multi-faceted company offering Turnkey Project Management Solutions, Tender Consulting Services for a variety of small to medium scale firms in the African market. You can avail their services for any kind of Technical And Commercial Support. The company also provides expert Project Management Consultancy and Hospital Supplies Specialiests. To know more details about these services, you can also visit www.krilax.com.

Role Of A Construction Site Supervisor


All builders are responsible to provide necessary supervision at the work-site in order to ensure the physical safety of all workers. It is also very necessary that the supervision is done in an effective, timely and competent manner.

A Construction Site Supervisor has the authority and responsibility to ensure that everything is fine and in perfect order at the work site. She/he is responsible for the safety and health conditions at the workplace. Construction Site Supervisors are appointed, by the owners or contractors, to ensure that all their duties as an employer are fulfilled. Therefore, the job of a Construction Sites Supervisor is of a great responsibility.

Duties Of A Construction Site Supervisor

  • It is up to him/her to decide when work at a particular work site can be commenced or suspended.
  • It is the duty of a Construction Site Supervisor to ensure the safety and health of the workers by ensuring that “everything is in its right place & there is a right place for everything” at the construction site.
  • The Construction Site Supervisor is also generally in charge of formulating the rules that need to be followed at the work site. She/he also needs to ensure that all the workers and staff are aware of the rules.
  • The Construction Site Supervisor needs to ensure that all the rules are followed by the workers and others at the construction site to avoid any kind of accident or injuries.
  • It is also the duty of the Construction Site Supervisor to find out the dangerous work practises and communicate it to the builder to ensure that it is stopped on time.
  • He/she also monitors the work and ensures that the work standards are strictly maintained.

Krilax Limited provides Turnkey Project Management Solutions & International Project Advisory Services for a variety of firms in small and medium sector in the African market. Other services offered include marketing and supply, plant and machinery, representation for international companies in the African market and project based Advisory Services and Industrial Project Consultants. The experienced and dedicated team works to provide Technical And Commercial Support to its customers and ensures a timely and effective service. For more details, visit http://www.krilax.com

How To Choose A Project Management Company


A Project Management Company offers complete solutions to all the issues related to handling a project. A Project Management Company handles a project from start to end on a client’s behalf. There are many companies these days that outsource Project Management. There has to be some considerations while Choosing A Project Management Company. Some of them are listed below.

First of all, make a comprehensive list of all the basic requirements of the concerned project.
Next step is Choosing A Project Management Company based on a comparative details like
Expertise in the field; which can be decided based on

  • Years of experience
  • Projects handled
  • Success rate of the projects
  • Client satisfaction
  • Services offered
  • Pre-tender budget planning
  • Feasibility Study
  • Preparation of the tender
  • Designing the project
  • Technical support
  • Cost control measures
  • Site supervision by experts of respective fields, etc.
  • Service charges
  • Time required
  • Support provided (in cases of problems during the execution of the project) and additional charges
  • Respective terms and conditions.

Ensure that the Project Management Company being chosen has the resources and manpower to handle the project in the best manner.

Taking all these points into consideration will ensure that one is selecting the Best Project Management Company to handle their project. Looking for a Project Management Consultancy Firm that satisfies all of the above mentioned criteria? Here is a prominent name for you. Krilax Limited is a UK based company offering Turnkey Project Management Solutions and Project Advisory Services. For any kind of Technical And Commercial Support Krilax Limited is a reliable name to consider. The company also provides expert Project Management Consultancy. To know the details of these services or to contact the team, visit www.krilax.com.

Project Management Consultancy London


There are many reputed Project Management Consultancy firms in London today. These firms have ample domain knowledge and expert professionals for consulting in specialised areas. Project Management is quite a tough task that requires strategic planning and efficient management. It is really hard for many small and big companies to manage the complex projects single handedly. For such entities, there are many firms specialising in Project Management Consultancy in London offering a whole of solutions for planning and managing a project.

Scope Of Project Management Consultancy

  • Strategy Development – Strategy development means planning the project in consideration and combination with both, the business strategy of the client and context of the project. This also includes framing a plan of action for achieving the goals listed in the project.
  • Analysis – This step in Project Management Consultancy is about examining the potential problems related to the project. The report prepared by the Project Management Consultancy firm will provide the best possible solutions for the same.
  • Feasibility Of The Project – This step involves analysing the feasibility of the project in terms of profit. A feasibility study also includes a proper analysis of the opportunities and risks involved in the project.
  • Future Technical Support – This is an added and important advantage of Outsourcing Project Management Consultancy. The company offering Project Management Consultancy generally offers technical assistance in case any problem arises in the future.

Based in UK, Krilax Limited is leading company specialising in providing Turnkey Project Management Solutions, Industrial Turnkey Projects Services The company also offers highly reliable Industrial Project Management and Project Management Consultancy in London. With 20 years of experience, Krilax Limited is a dependable name for availing any kind of Technical And Commercial Support. And all these services are offered by the company at reasonable rates. To know more about the company or to avail its services, one can simply log on to www.krilax.com.

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